Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Holocaust Book Club Reflections

It makes me thankful for the things I have in life and how I am treated as a human being. I’m thankful for this because I’m able to get a education, do activities, and go anywhere I want to, without being told I can’t or being abused for it. And I’m able to get things like food, water, and a home. But with Leon he wasn’t able to go outside without being scared that someone was going to kill him or hurt him. Or that when he had to wear a yellow star on him and having to wear certain things and only allowed to do certain things. Leon had said, “Sometimes food was available on the black market, but one had to exchange. The Nazis provided limited amounts of bread but not much else”. This letting me know and teaching to be thankful that I have this freedom to do things Leon wasn’t able to through out most of his life. This makes me be thankful for the food I have, the education I am provided with, how I am treated like I am human and how I have feelings to.

How the choices people made during the rise of the Nazi Party and the Holocaust taught me about power and impact me. It taught me that we as children can’t let people brainwash us and that we have a mind of are own. We can’t have other people telling us what’s right and what’s wrong because we have a mind of are own. Like how Leon was saved by Schindler, Schindler knew it was wrong to treat Jews like this and he tried to save as many as he could. The choices that were made before helped us know that someone shouldn’t have power to brainwash someone into thinking something bad and that we have to fix are mistakes. When Hitler had all that power so many people suffered and died in horrid ways that people can’t even comprehend, so we as the new generation need to know that we have minds even though we might not think the same we have are own options in life.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Book Club

My feelings in this book have honestly been kind of a rollercoaster. Like when Leon was in the ghetto with his mother and it was only them two I felt sympathetic for them because they are starving, tired, and scared for their lives because they know the Nazis will kill anyone if even they didn’t do anything that’s just how much power they had. Then when they had found back their dad and brother and sister I felt relieved that they were alive and that had brought their hopes up about surviving all together.And this gave me hope that they would survive.

If the author was alive I would ask him, Did you think you were ever going to survive? I would ask this because I'm genuinely wondering and if that’s what he thought most of the time he was going through all the events he was going through. And maybe I would ask did he ever think he was strong enough to go through the Holocaust to, because not everybody could go through what he did and it’s amazing that he survived. 

I think what has been the most important part of the book for me was when they found each other when they had been separated, because when you are away from family emotionally that takes a toll on you because you just want to see them. So when they had found each other again I thought that brought hope to them to survive for each other and pull through. So this must have been an important part of them to because they also have two sons who aren’t with them so they must feel relieved that they haven’t lost anymore from there family, and how they need to make sure they keep themselves safe and survive together.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Berlin memorial

     I learned how Hitler took away rights from Jews and how every year they weren’t aloud to do more and more things like having to wear yellow stars, and also not being able to shop like how everyone else was able to, and how these laws prohibit Jews and being able to live there life. I also learned how he first started with more little things of laws like how they couldn’t join certain clubs to almost 10 years later to where they can’t even immigrant to any where else and controlling their life’s.

     I think why it was built was to remember how Jews weren’t aloud to do certain things this having to do something with music, weather it be not being able to play music, to listen to music or even go to music classes. It was something memorable that they had made a memorial thing for it to show people how different it was for them back then and how important it is to see what they weren’t aloud to do. And to show how many Jews were effected by this and how it wasn’t just a couple but millions and they needed to show recognition to Jews.

     I notice how there are more restrictions for Jews and how there are more things they don’t have rights to or freedoms to do things. I also noticed how they try to make immigrating very hard for them and how they try to tell Jews apart by the yellow star even with kids in 1941 when the law was made or even in how they couldn’t do anything as laws started to take away everything they had.

     I think I would have trouble dealing with or seeing the law “ Jews cannot testify in court against Germans. 8/7/42” I would have trouble with this because is someone had done something to me or a crime against me I can’t even fight back because the laws are taking away my right to testify them and I could get no justice in the wrong doings they did to me. I think it would make me feel like I just have to deal with what they can do to me and I would have no say in anything. And this would just give an advantage to Germans because they could do any crime against a Jew and Not be able to be testify against them because it would be against the laws.

Monday, January 13, 2020

Quarter 2 Reflection

For Quarter 2 the books I have read that have been my favorite was Pet Sematary by Stephen King. I honestly liked all the books I have read from him because of the details he adds and how they make you feel chills going down your back. I like how there kind of was no happy ending in the book it just ended with all of them dying and being brought back to life all together. Or how when he describes details of something you can just imagine it there almost in your hold. Something that I think I accomplished in doing for me is how I have been reading more books, and wanting to read more books than before some of the books I’ve been trying to read is The Hate U Give, Doctor Sleep, and The Sun is Also a Star. I feel like I have made my goal in trying to read more books for myself especially. 

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Nonfiction reader response

Now in Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl, Anne with her family and family friends have been in there hideout in the office warehouse for a while now. Things are getting harder with two families living together when the family friends are always complaining about Anne’s attitude and how she is as a person. Right now in the book she is in a troubled state in where she wants her father love for her and that her father shouldn’t just take sides with Margot and her mother without knowing the whole story. Anne is now always fighting with her mother and sister because they are different from each other and Margot and her mom are closer with each other.

“I love them; but only because they are Mummy and Margot. With Daddy it’s different. If he holds Margot up as an example, approves of what she does, praises and caresses her, then something gnaws at me inside, because I adore Daddy. He is the one I look up to. I don’t love anyone in the world but him.” I thought it was interesting in how she wanted her father approval more than anything and how she really felt hurt on how her father took her sisters side without knowing her side of the story.

I learned how hard it was in the camps. Jews were taken to the camps and not treated right Anne had said in her diary, “ Westertork sounds terrible: only one washing cubicle for a hundred people and not nearly enough lavatories… Men, women and children all sleep together… It is impossible to escape; most of the people in the camp are branded as inmates by their shaved heads and many also by their Jewish appearance.” It was hard for them because they are being judged without knowing them. Just because they are Jewish they are treated so badly, it would be something not to forget because they are being treated so badly as if they did something but they haven’t and yet they are getting treated so poorly by the camps.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020


Hi, I’m Sarah something that I would love to do is travel around the world and go to France to see the art museum. Things like to do are read books when I have time, paint random objects in my room, and music. Animals that I have are 3 dogs, two are boys and one is a girl then I have a fish named angel he’s blue with a bit of red. Sport I would like to try out is swimming and that’s it