Thursday, March 14, 2019

Red Scarf Girl 👧🏻🧣

The book my book club is reading is called Red Scarf Girl. My opinion about the book is great, the book is very interesting and there are like there’s thease parts that you think one thing is going to happen and you have faith in something then all of a sudden it mite go bad and it just leaves you in shock, leaving you there to presses what had just happen. Then there are just thease moments when you feel so bad for the characters in the book like Ji-li Jiang friend who’s grandmother had committed suicide and how she wasn’t able to really see her at the funeral just made you feel so bad about that going on with her, and now that she has to deal with her sick mom and dad that’s with the uncle who are locked up be pressured to claim they did something. The book in general is just so good and interesting to read that has a lot of ups and downs or with faith or without faith.

Now my opinion on my book group which is ( Mia, Kimberly, Andriea, and Citlali) is very good, like for example two people mite start to say there idea and start connecting it with other things while then the other three get more into it also start to share there connection then we start making theory’s about the book and anything that we can connect to see weather we are right or not. Book club conversations go very smoothly we all listen to each other and we start to talk about the ideas and everything. Then to we all know each other and we are all friends so we are comfortable with each other to talk and nobody is shy with each other.


  1. I also think that the story so far is really interesting and I agree that our conversations are going smoothly.

  2. That’s a interesting book, I should read it some day thanks for telling me good details of the book.

  3. You did great on this post and in all of your book clubs, too!