Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Allergy (Sol19)

After minutes of walking into the birthday party that I was dragged to by my mother to come to her life long best friends birthday party, I started to feel weird there had been a cat there I love cars the just so adorable and she was not big nor small kind of in the middle the had a long tail that was a nude brown with black. I was in the kitchen when all of a sudden my nose started getting running, then my throat was starting to feel weird it just felt like a tiggieling feeling in my throat. Then it hit me in my head that I remember when my mom use to get allergic reaction she would get itchy, her throat would get swollen and kind of hard to breath, and her nose would get runny. It made seeens though in my head my grandmother was allergic and so was my dad so why wouldn’t I be to. Have you been allergic to one of your favorite animals before?

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Red Scarf Girl 👧🏻🧣

The book my book club is reading is called Red Scarf Girl. My opinion about the book is great, the book is very interesting and there are like there’s thease parts that you think one thing is going to happen and you have faith in something then all of a sudden it mite go bad and it just leaves you in shock, leaving you there to presses what had just happen. Then there are just thease moments when you feel so bad for the characters in the book like Ji-li Jiang friend who’s grandmother had committed suicide and how she wasn’t able to really see her at the funeral just made you feel so bad about that going on with her, and now that she has to deal with her sick mom and dad that’s with the uncle who are locked up be pressured to claim they did something. The book in general is just so good and interesting to read that has a lot of ups and downs or with faith or without faith.

Now my opinion on my book group which is ( Mia, Kimberly, Andriea, and Citlali) is very good, like for example two people mite start to say there idea and start connecting it with other things while then the other three get more into it also start to share there connection then we start making theory’s about the book and anything that we can connect to see weather we are right or not. Book club conversations go very smoothly we all listen to each other and we start to talk about the ideas and everything. Then to we all know each other and we are all friends so we are comfortable with each other to talk and nobody is shy with each other.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Quinceanera (sol19)

It was time, after we had heard are cue to go to the dance floor and introduce my cousin who was coming are way with her arm wrapped around her chambelane who was walking her to us and the speaker to be introduced. When we had saw her coming closer and closer all the cousins stated to pull out there arms facing upwards to the ceiling holding on to a stick that had a gold star on top with three different color strings of fabric that were different types of blue to give a sea vibe off of it, it was draping down to are arm as she walked in between us.While she was walking she looked beautiful, she had a mermaid color theme dress that was a sea color a dark blue but not to dark. The bottom of the dress was poofy, plain, but simple. Her top had a sweetheart cut out that was strapless, with sequencing on top with more crystals on top too to make it look nice almost as if you were in the sea and found treasure like shiny gold or pearls or even crystals that had been placed on her top dress portion. Right when she was just walking under all the cousins arms I gave her a big smile showing her she looked amazing with her dress, makeup, and with the setting of her Quinceanera party that was going on. She had just smiled at everyone passing through us walking to the center of the dance floor to start the party while we all had squired off back to are table to watch them start talking to get the party started. With me thinking in my head I hope she feels very lucky she has a amazing family that loves her and who helped out so much to make this night happen for her and that she was happy.

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Test (Sol19)

I had walked in to Spanish class my first block being overwhelmed by the test we were about to take which I did not study for at all. I have been sitting down looking at my hands for just seconds thinking what if a fail seeing I didn’t study at all. I had just been thinking the stuff I need to know in order to get through this test and I new only a bit of stuff I needed to know on the test, now thinking I had this just try to remember what you studied during classes when we had free time to study. All I had to remember were just numbers, alapabet, and some phrases that we did in class and I would be good, I had remembered most of that stuff anyway. After about half a minute of thinking I was surely thinking about I had known enough to be able to past this test without being way to overwhelmed about not studying at home. Know I had to wait until class had start to start the test.

Monday, February 25, 2019

Welcome home Hercules (sol19)

My brother had walked out of him room turing his head noticing me on the couch he looked at me saying “ If you want to look at the new dog just go in my room but don’t let him out because he will pee all over they house” as he walked to the bathroom turning his head away from me. I got up quickly moseyed my way to my brothers door gripping the silver doornob connected to the white door as I pushed forward slightly peaking in, as I did I had found I small black dog with a bit of grey fur poking his head out as he looked up I started to stair at his eyes who were black almost as black as night color to them, so was his nose that had looked to be wet. He had started to push threw the door when I realized what my brother had said saying not to let him out. I had put I leg in front of the dog blocking his way while I closed the door, thinking he was so cute and adorable with his face, I had then went back to the spot I was at on the couch thinking to myself about the cute black and grey dog.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

3 positive

One positive thing that has happened this week is that when I took a test on Friday that I felt confident about that test because it was the last real test that I had to do for sixth grade so when I was the last question I was shaking because I didn’t want to go down on the test so when I pushed next it gave me my score and I was so happy I went up and I wanted to just be so happy that day because I went up ten points and I thought I was going to go down on my test but I went UP!!!. My second positive is a test that I had to take that week and when I took that math test I felt really confident while taking the test that I didn’t think I will get 100% but I think I would get a 3 as close to a four . My third positive is this week I didn’t get any homework yaya and I was able to catch up with all my work and be on time to send my work to my classes.

Friday, May 18, 2018

MAP testing

Hi today I am going to be taking about my MAP testing that was going Tuesday thru Thursday on Tuesday I had the math MAP testing . When we were about to start MAP testing I got a bit nervous because I didn’t want to go down on the MAP test so I took my time and then when I finished I went up six points and I was so happy that I went up and know I was worrying about reading that was next. So on Wednesday when we singed in to the test I was so tired and I just wanted to end the test and go to sleep so most of the test I guest and at the end of the test I went down two points and I was sad because I kind of knew that I was going down because that day was not a good day to do testing because I was just so tired because I woke up late and went to bed late. Then the next day which was the last day and I was so happy that day I was only a bit tired that day so I was ok to go on with the day and test and that day was the language test which last time I went down on so this test I tried my best to do better and some of the questions were easy so I was getting scared that I mite go down but when I was done with the test I was so happy because I went up ten points and I was just so happy that I went up and that i was done testing.