Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Berlin memorial

     I learned how Hitler took away rights from Jews and how every year they weren’t aloud to do more and more things like having to wear yellow stars, and also not being able to shop like how everyone else was able to, and how these laws prohibit Jews and being able to live there life. I also learned how he first started with more little things of laws like how they couldn’t join certain clubs to almost 10 years later to where they can’t even immigrant to any where else and controlling their life’s.

     I think why it was built was to remember how Jews weren’t aloud to do certain things this having to do something with music, weather it be not being able to play music, to listen to music or even go to music classes. It was something memorable that they had made a memorial thing for it to show people how different it was for them back then and how important it is to see what they weren’t aloud to do. And to show how many Jews were effected by this and how it wasn’t just a couple but millions and they needed to show recognition to Jews.

     I notice how there are more restrictions for Jews and how there are more things they don’t have rights to or freedoms to do things. I also noticed how they try to make immigrating very hard for them and how they try to tell Jews apart by the yellow star even with kids in 1941 when the law was made or even in how they couldn’t do anything as laws started to take away everything they had.

     I think I would have trouble dealing with or seeing the law “ Jews cannot testify in court against Germans. 8/7/42” I would have trouble with this because is someone had done something to me or a crime against me I can’t even fight back because the laws are taking away my right to testify them and I could get no justice in the wrong doings they did to me. I think it would make me feel like I just have to deal with what they can do to me and I would have no say in anything. And this would just give an advantage to Germans because they could do any crime against a Jew and Not be able to be testify against them because it would be against the laws.

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